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Data Loss Protection

Data Loss Prevention extends beyond technical measures alone. Merely purchasing an application cannot guarantee complete protection. Achieving effective Data Loss Prevention requires education and engagement from all stakeholders involved. While I utilize DLP software, I adopt a comprehensive approach by collaborating with a Security Partner and a Computer/Networking partner. Together, we assess all facets of your business and implement a thorough strategy.

Key aspects of our approach include:

  1. Data Classification: Implementing a data classification framework is crucial for successful DLP. By categorizing information based on sensitivity and criticality, high-risk data can be identified and protective measures prioritized accordingly.

  2. Data Discovery and Inventory: Understanding your data landscape is essential to prevent data loss. Regular processes of data discovery and inventory help identify where sensitive data resides, whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. This enables the implementation of appropriate security controls and effective DLP measures.

  3. Access Controls and User Permissions: Controlling access to sensitive data is paramount in DLP. Robust access controls and user permissions ensure that only authorized individuals can access and modify sensitive information. Practices like role-based access control (RBAC), the least privilege principle, and regular access reviews minimize the risk of unauthorized data exposure.

  4. Data Encryption: Encryption plays a vital role in safeguarding data at rest and in transit. Strong encryption mechanisms should be implemented to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. This includes encrypting data stored in databases and on storage devices, during network transmission, and when shared with external parties.

  5. Employee Awareness and Training: Employees play a critical role in preventing data loss incidents. Regular training sessions are conducted to educate employees about data protection policies, best practices for data handling, and the risks associated with mishandling or exposing sensitive information. Raising awareness fosters a security-conscious culture, reducing the likelihood of accidental data loss.

By taking the time to understand your business and developing a comprehensive security model, we ensure a robust approach to securing your company’s data. The aforementioned bullet points provide an overview of how we go about safeguarding your organization.

Seven Pillers of Our Success

Security: Ensuring the safety and security of our business processes and systems is of paramount importance.

Streamlined Processes: Our expertise lies in designing business processes and strategies that harness technology to align with the objectives of your business, while minimizing any potential distractions.

Optimal Performance: Our specialization lies in optimizing the performance of your data warehouses to such an extent that the complexity of the data store becomes inconspicuous and seamlessly integrated.

Strategic Design: We believe in implementing well-designed business data storage and usage solutions right from the beginning. By investing time upfront, we mitigate the likelihood of disruptive redesigns in the future.

Comprehensive Maintenance: With our extensive knowledge in designing, building, and securing computer networks, we excel at providing effortless maintenance solutions. Whether it’s on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid environment, our team can handle it all.

Reliable Support: Our capable Partners and staff are equipped to support your computer users and servers, both in the cloud and beyond. We can serve as your exclusive support team or collaborate with your existing IT department to alleviate their workload, ensuring they can focus on their core responsibilities.

Effective Networking: Networking plays a vital role in establishing meaningful connections within the business world. Whether it’s through face-to-face meetings, exchanging business cards, or online interactions, we understand the importance of a professional online presence. If you don’t have a website or need to enhance its professionalism, we have the expertise to help you establish a strong digital presence in your industry.

If these pillers resonate with you, we may be a great fit. We do everything from Management of Information Services , Microsoft SQL Server Admin / Database maintencance and design, websites and security training and audits. Email darin@dlpdatasolutions or call Darin a call at 971-718-4379.

A brief introduction about myself: During my college years, I worked in end-user computer support  to partially fund my education. In 1992, I graduated from college and started my journey with Microsoft SQL Server, back when it operated on IBM OS/2. As Microsoft and IBM diverged, I chose to continue on the Microsoft path, earning certifications such as MCSE and Microsoft DBA. Over time, my focus shifted towards supporting inventory systems and managing Ecommerce platforms. This experience has led me to where I am now, assisting companies in securing their systems while ensuring their functionality and usability.